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Luminaires and spotlights made of stainless steel (SS316) or high grade bronze.

  • Unique design

  • Superior robustness (IK10)

  • Ultimate corrosion resistance ideal for corrosive environments:  

    • ​coast lines

    • marine applications

    • in vicinity of chlorinated pools 

  • Bare metal surfaces perfectly match 

    • building hardware

    • roofs clad in copper or corrugated aluminium zinc

    • architecture employing natural materials  

  • Rapid installation with minimal hardware

  • Versatile accessories

  • Environmentally friendly: 

    • Efficient LEDs and optics

    • Not subject to any polluting coating process

    • Virtually infinite lifetime of housing

EQUUS mounting methods.jpg

Flexible mounting

  • by single screw 

  • with mounting adapter and two screws (st4.8) in corners​

  • with mounting adapter and two screws (st4.8) on flat surfaces

  • with mounting adapter and metal or fiber straps on round profiles or trees.

lens installation.jpg

Easily exchangeable optical lenses and filters

Changing optical lenses and filters is a child's play.


With its high impact rating SPEKTOR luminaires are perfect for rough environments. Thanks to their single-body design nothing bends or breaks.

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